Manila Street Kings

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What began as a subculture against high-priced custom hot rods, the “Rat Look,” has become a fixture in the car custom community. It’s really beyond just leaving the car out to the elements. Creating beauty through an ‘unfinished’ project: rust and everything in between is a thin balance between straight up trash and a work of art.

Bosozoku on the other hand is a motorcycle subculture which originated in Japan with an inclination to danger: reckless driving, running red lights and gang fights. They also like their rides loud, customizing mufflers to make noise as they cruise around waking up the neighbourhood on their night rides.

Mico Dizo definitely has the flare for the extraordinary: a loud Rat look 1983 Corolla on Victory exhaust, a rusted hood (and many other rusty panels) and some not-so-friendly Hello Kitty knick knacks make this ride stand out. These and many other bits and pieces endears this car to many, surprisingly even to non-car enthusiasts who do not understand where the inspiration for this car comes from.

Originally a restoration project, we can understand why he’s still on the crossroads on the decision to leave it as it is, or stick to the original plan. This car screams character from every nook and cranny.

We’re still stumped at how this car born from rebellion: Rat-look Bosozoku, has become one of the most memorable, most charming cars we’ve featured to date. Is it the old-school magic? Is it the towering muffler? Or is it the naughty kitty?

Maybe this is precisely the same reason why women fall for bad boys.


Key Specs:

4k 4speed
Port and polished cylinder head
Shaved cylinder head
Double valve springs
X30b cams
Lightened fly wheel

Gas type front and rear shocks
DIY strut bar
DIY rear strut bar
Cut springs

Concept one bucket seats
DIY deep cone steering wheel
Jumbo-sized bubble shiftknob

Wheels and tires:
Hayashi racing command 13x7
Chopsuey tires

Rusted hood (because rust is lighter than carbon fiber)